Merry autumnal equinox, sweet children of earth!
Harboring light, balance, and sacred space for ourselves through winding transition. 

As we follow the pull of golden hearth,
Invoking cyclical ritual,
Awakening cellular memory,
We will open to realms of magick,
Ember, ethereal, earthbound.
And offer our flame back to the sweet slumber of soil,
As we dance our prayer back into the ground. 
To ancient, 
New eyed,

So so blessed with these gifts of such strong, gentle crystals, and the nicest mug I have ever known, wowy wow! I could hang out with them all for quite a good while I think. 

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Anonymous asked:
When the sun closes his eyes and the moon begins to open her soul and light to kiss the dark sky, I always think of you

Anonymous asked:
everything you typed up is from the view point of someone who hasn't tripped before. you are a blind man telling a man with eyes that you dont understand the use of eyes. you are completely blind until you have these experiences that you are telling people you have without the use of psychadelics.

Please share something that you understand, but I am “blind” to for never having used psychedelics.

It is a vulnerable thing for people to share and stand behind their beliefs of any kind, so please hold a space of respect even if you disagree. It is a sensitive thing for anyone to open their truths in an environment and community that is predominantly opposing.

In my heart, I would say that he who is able to know the truth of all, and live accordingly, through the pure/light power of him/herself knows those eyes.
Drugs or no drugs is a gateway, a method, a means of getting there, but it is in no way the end, or the understanding. (In fact, without many knowing it, we have always already existed in the “end” space) and drugs are a choice that can be made for some to reveal that to themselves.

And though I have not used anything, I have been witness to many, to use and misuse, and there are many that are coming nowhere nearer to those “eyes.”

It is in the individual’s journey, practice, self knowing, and observation. drugs or no drugs, what these “eyes” are seeing is the divine within them. It is not beheld in the substance.

Blessings on your journey

Anonymous asked:
What's something you need to get off your chest?

I honestly can’t think of anything.. I dont really accumulate hidden things. I really like communicating.
Someday I will have to tell chad that I was actually the one who ate only a bit of a doughnut on doughnut day at rock camp. But I actually tore a piece off, as opposed to biting it and putting it back.

Anonymous asked:
Name a memory with a boy that made your whole body flutter and go numb with love? <3

When my main man shiva gets in bed and curls up next to me <3 hehe jk.
Ummm. Well this probably seems insignificant but there was one day that it was snowing. A long time ago. And i loved him and he hugged me. And it was all the warmth in the world in the form of a hug.
Oh and when christofer drew told me he liked my hat. heh

Old Man Chuckanut by Phoebe Wahl

Black Hole bending light.


27. Wearing a vintage robe and not much else.

Anonymous asked:
Have you ever smoked weed?

Yes, although not since freshman year


n o s t a l g i a   of  NOW

You are walking goddesses. Adorn yourselves. Take the time necessary to love your body. Feed the beauty that lives in you through the portal of ritual.
Shonagh Home  (via marie-christine)


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