Phoenix -

My soul comes from better worlds and I have an incurable homesickness of the stars.
Nikos Kazantzakis (via loveage-moondream)

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Spirit summons in the sandstone walls,
The cliffs are god, 
And I am god,
And to one another we say I love you in the deepest way

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Courage, dear heart.
C.S. Lewis, The Voyage of the Dawn Treader (via praises)

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Standing in cerualian, 
chasm in the sky.
Among deities, swirling just above peaked mountain tops.
you can hear all the songs of the spirits in the stone. 
I’m the small one 💙

#chasmlake #rockymountain #colorado #adventures #tinybeing #bigspirits  (at chasm lake, Rocky Mountain Natl Park)

Anonymous asked:
You should try reaching out to grant again! Do you think you two could ever rekindle?

hahaa who is all this coming from? bizzarre.. well as friends, maybe. as lovers no. i dont think we could ever really meet eachother in the same place. hes very far from what i knew him to be. and weve always grown very differently, and approached the world differently. sometimes its hard to truly connect on that level you need to.

Anonymous asked:
What do you miss about him?

weell. i guess when he is/was his true self we just have a lot of fun. we get pretty silly (ayee).



The other day I woke up to this photo text that my client (Melanie Cross)’s boyfriend (& photographer, Gabriel Hacker at,  took of her hiking in the mountains.  I really do have the BEST JOB EVER!!!   (p.s I do have permission to post this publicly, and she asked that this poem go with the photo). 

Volver a los diecisietedespués de vivir un sigloes como descifrar signossin ser sabio competente.Volver a ser de repentetan frágil como un segundo,volver a sentir profundocomo un niño frente a Dios.Eso es lo que siento yoen este instante fecundo.

(translation via google)

Back at seventeen
after living a century
is like deciphering signs
competent without being wise.
Back to suddenly be
as fragile as a second,
to feel deep
as a child before God.
That’s how I feel
fruitful at this moment.

Violeta Parra,1917-1967.
Chilean poet, folk singer and artist. 

beautiful, oh my


Untitled by Lyck



Buddhas hands, from the Mustang caves in Nepal.