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Actually you remind me of a lot of things that I like haha!

Are you Winnie the Pooh? 😊☺️
How I do admire him..

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You are a sweet refreshing creature that the earth needs more than ever.. And you kinda remind me of honey 🐝🍯

Tank youuu, dear:) we are in need of creatures just like yourself. I love you!


Ben Blatt

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I don’t see Colour,
I see one bright Light,
which has been dispersed into different hues.

See the Light,
as the source,
and you can Love every hue.

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Flower of life.. 


Merry autumnal equinox, sweet children of earth!
Harboring light, balance, and sacred space for ourselves through winding transition. 

As we follow the pull of golden hearth,
Invoking cyclical ritual,
Awakening cellular memory,
We will open to realms of magick,
Ember, ethereal, earthbound.
And offer our flame back to the sweet slumber of soil,
As we dance our prayer back into the ground. 
To ancient, 
New eyed,

So so blessed with these gifts of such strong, gentle crystals, and the nicest mug I have ever known, wowy wow! I could hang out with them all for quite a good while I think. 

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When the sun closes his eyes and the moon begins to open her soul and light to kiss the dark sky, I always think of you